Pat-Trap Fundraiser




Detailed below is a list of the people that stepped up to sponsor the “Pat Trap Proposal”. I would like to thank them for their gracious donation to the Pat Trap Fund. This is a joint effort of two states working together to raise money.


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We need your help in raising funds to present this opportunity to

Minute Man Sportsmen's Club.

Please spread this list around; let’s add your name to the growing list!

To donate, please contact:
Paul Donovan President MATA
Robert Scott Vice President MATA




Ed Archambeault

Feras Awad of

Mattapoisett Family Dental

Jari Mannisto
Tom Brooks   Robert Mangelinkx
Mike Capozzi Paul Kaknes of

Kaknes Enterprises

Robert Nihtila Sr.
Ralph Dixon  

Robert Nihtila Jr.

Paul M Donovan

R F Little Engineering

Steve Petti
Peter Eaton   David Russell
Steve Grady

Alan and Wendy Smigelski

Alan's Auto & Collision

Robert Scott
Jason Green   Ron Sevigny
Steven Harsfald Tewksbury SCTP Michael Sherry
Jackie Heller   Tom Sirois
Robert Hunt The Hartford Gun Club Greg Smith
Lewis Jacobs   Charles Suffin
Carl & Evelyn Kazen Woburn Sportsmen’s Association Billy Weston
Gary Littlefield    

The Pat Traps will be coming to Minuteman!!

The MMSC BOD voted to move forward with this project - Thank you Minuteman!! We are looking to get the best target presentation to all of the trap shooters and help this sport out in this area.  We offer two state shoots and one of those state shoots provides the shooters the ability to obtain 1,000 targets and not leave the area.  Below is a breakdown of the expenses that we are expecting in total. If you are interested in donating to this great cause, now is the time.  We need to get the machines on site, remove the current machines, have the concrete pedestals cut down by a professional concrete cutting company to the proper height and install the new machines.

6 Pat trap machines @ 3,500.00 = $21,000.00
Delivery 6 machines = $800.00
Installation 1 visit = $2,000.00
Cut piers down $250.00 each 8 = $2,000.00
Misc. items possibly needed (angle irons and brackets, work party items )= $1.500.00

Total $27,300.00

Total raised and pledged $23,100.00

Difference $4,200.00 NEEDED FUNDS

Thanks to all that have donated, from the MATA and The NHTA Members, without your help this couldn’t have happened.  Thanks to the BOD at MMSC to make this a reality.

Please spread the word

Contact Robert Scott for donations - All donations gets your name on the list.