Paul Donovan
Vice President
Robert Scott
Tom Sirois
Jackie Heller
David Russell
Alternate Delegate
Carl Kazen
2nd Alternate Delegate
Roy Smith





Chairperson:  Evelyn Kazen

     Members:  Paul Donovan

                      David Russell

                      Richard Allard

                      Carl Kazen

                      Bob Mangelinkx

                      Roy Smith







The mission of the Massachusetts Trapshooting Hall of Fame is to honor and reward those persons who have contributed to the sport of trapshooting for 15 consecutive years by either a record of outstanding shooting accomplishments, a history of service to the MATA as an officer or Committee member or a history of contributions to the sport that might include MATA events or introduction of new shooters to the sport all with an emphasis on sportsmanship.

The committee will consist of seven members who will meet 2 to 5 times a year to review the submitted records of the nominees. Voting will be by telephonic or paper ballot and a simple majority will be required for induction. The nominees’ names and the committee’s voting results will remain undisclosed until the Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson notifies the nominator and nominee. One member will be responsible for minutes which will be archived.







  • The candidate must have been an active member of the ATA and MATA. He or she must have been an outstanding participant in either the shooting venue or service to the MATA for a period of no less than 15 consecutive years for either category. The individual also has to have demonstrated true sportsmanship during that period.  
  • For shooting accomplishments, a concise written shooting record must be submitted… this can be obtained from the ATA if unavailable through local research (there is a nominal fee to acquire a written shooter’s history report from the ATA). The nominator may call the ATA office at 618-449-2224 or send an

      e-mail to for this information.

  • For service accomplishments there must be a written statement that shows either dedicated service as an officer or Committee Member in the MATA or contributor to the sport of trapshooting for a period of no less than 15 consecutive years. It should contain information about the types of service, dates, and contributions to the sport and/or how they enhanced the sport.
  • Any nominee may have a combination of any of the above and needs to have written documentation of all categories that apply.
  • All nomination requests must be clearly written and may be submitted to any committee member. The nominator must provide the Hall of Fame Committee with the individual’s name, address and ATA number along with the nominator’s contact phone number or email address.
  • The committee will meet to discuss and vote on the nomination. A majority vote of acceptance will be required and the committee chair will notify the nominator and nominee in writing of the Hall of Fame Committee’s decision.


  • For questions or nominations please contact Chairperson Evelyn Kazen at:      


Hall of Fame

                1998                       Bill Anzaldi

                1998                       Kenny Lucht

                1998                       Les Holbrook

                1998                       Walter Peterson

                1998                       Roy Smith

                1999                       John Parks

                2003                       Orin Arlin

                2003                       Dick Shaughnessy

                2011                       Richard Allard

                2011                       Robert Hawkes

                2011                       Bob Mangelinkx

                2011                       Donna Smith

                2012                       Bob Holbrook

                2013                       Robert Nihtila Sr.                              2016                       Jim Armitage                 2016                       Richard Hamlett                               2017                       Robert Nihtila JR                                       2017                       Linda Brodeur